Development and Support

MaDGiraffe offers development and support for organisations in the public, private and voluntary sector.

Developing your organisation takes vision, energy, direction and purpose.

MaDGiraffe will work with your Directors, leaders, trustees, managerial and operational staff and volunteers, as well as customers or beneficiaries, to help you set and achieve that vision and purpose.

We can work with you at any level, examples of the work we have done, and can do for you include:

Price Guide to MaDGiraffe's Management and Development Services - good value, good quality, good sense.

We set our fees based on the specific needs of those people wanting to work with us. We take into account research, preparation, delivery and supplying any follow-up work required.

As a guide, we charge around £250 per day for a one off team development day (plus accommodation and refreshment), or around £400 per month to develop a business plan, and monitor it's implimentation.

MaDGiraffe looks to provide value for money services to all its clients in the public, private and voluntary sector.

We offer any prospective client a free, one hour, no obligation, discussion to investigate services and to produce a quotation for services agreed.

Pro Bono Work

MaDGiraffe will consider donating some pro-bono work to individuals, or voluntary organisations, who apply for assistance through The Kearns Foundation.